Toyota i-ROAD Concept

The i-ROAD is 2,350 mm long, 1,445 mm high and rides on a 1,700 mm wheelbase. Toyota says that its 850 mm width makes it no wider than a typical motorcycle, thus offering great maneuvering in traffic, easier parking and a minimum turning circle of just three meters.

The Japanese carmaker’s PMV is powered by two 2kW motors mounted on the front wheels. The typical driving range is around 50 km (30 miles) and the battery can be fully charged from a domestic power source in three hours – plus, being an EV, it has zero emissions.

In spite of being as narrow as a motorbike, the i-ROAD requires no helmet or special skills – just a regular car license. It is designed to be fitted with a weatherproof closed body and can offer a car-like environment with features such as interior lighting, heating, an audio system and Bluetooth connectivity.

(story from Carscoops)

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